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An Alabamian on The Biggest Loser


I think The Biggest Loser is one of the best reality shows on TV.  It is very inspirational! People struggle with losing weight and this show details the struggles and successes of losing weight.  And for season 14, someone from Alabama is on the show!  Gina McDonald, a lawyer from Hoover is among the contestants attempting to lose weight on the show.  But season 14 is very different!  Three teenagers will be along the adults attempting to get into shape.

“As a lawyer and law firm owner, 47-year-old Gina McDonald is very accomplished in her professional life, and was recently voted one of her city’s top attorneys in the bankruptcy area of law that she practices. But getting control of her lifelong struggle with weight has proved to be a greater challenge.  The Memphis, Tennessee native grew up in Vicksburg, Mississippi, the middle child of three children, and got a business degree from Northeast Louisiana University and a law degree from Birmingham School of Law in Alabama. She got to a healthy weight when she started practicing law, but began getting heavier after a divorce in 2002 left her a single mother of two young children.

Poor eating habits, lack of exercise and the stress of divorce and dealing with emotional and financial issues of clients going through tough financial times were all contributing factors.  Now 245 pounds, with weight-related health issues that have included sleep apnea, high cholesterol, diabetes and hypothyroidism, Gina wants to finally become fit and healthy. She looks forward to running a marathon, playing golf with her husband, having the energy to work longer days and just enjoying life.  My whole life, I have dreamed of being fit and healthy,’ she says. ‘Now I have the courage, desire, dedication and opportunity to finally make my dream come true.’”

This is not the first time someone from Alabama has been on The Biggest Loser.  Olivia Ward, a graduate of the University of Alabama, won the competition and its $250,000 prize in May 2011.   Also, Roger Shultz, a former University of Alabama football player, came in second on The Biggest Loser in 2008.  Tune in to The Biggest Loser on Monday nights on

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And by the way, Redneck Island just wrapped up.  And Wade Jones from Alexander City won the $100,000.  Justin Campbell from Ragland came in second.  It’s a good thing to see many Alabamians be successful on reality shows!

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