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Roadscapes Wednesday: Traffic Light Goes Down

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When I got back to my apartment on Christmas night I saw the traffic light across the street at the intersection of Greenbrier Dear Rd. and Hillyer Robinson Pkwy. was out.  I thought maybe the power went out so I went to investigate and I saw this!

winter 003

It was raining and the roads were wet.  A car somehow went into a skid and crashed into the traffic light box.  The crash knocked the box over and it resulted in the traffic light going dark.  Somehow the driver did not crash into the two poles as he was in between.  This accident happened around 11:00 pm Christmas night and soon the cops came.

winter 007winter 009winter 010winter 018

The car did a lot of damage to the traffic light box that controls the traffic light.  There was nothing that could be done to save this traffic light box.  Poor thing!

winter 013winter 014winter 015

The city put out a temporary stop sign at the intersection.  Yes, the stop sign was being held down by a rock.  Christmas night was very windy so I would not have been surprised if the stop sign was knocked over.

winter 017winter 021winter 022

The good news is by the next morning a brand new traffic light box was installed and the traffic light was working again!

winter 025

Also, I noticed a caution light that was not attached on its pole.  I found this off Henry Road today.  Yes it still blinks!

winter 041

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