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The Same Traffic Light Problems In Anniston

I have done several posts highlighting some of the road problems in the Anniston area and sadly; none of them have been fixed yet.  First is the light on U.S. 431 at Lindale Dr./W. 43rd St.  This is video from April 2012 which I shot.  And sadly nothing has been done to stop having this light turn red on U.S. 431 when no one is there!

In this video I took on Black Friday I went to see if several traffic lights around Anniston are still malfunctioning.  Sadly I saw the same traffic light intersections along Quintard Ave. and Noble St. that are still messed up.  And while I watched these lights I saw several drivers ignore the red light and drive right on through.  These late night drivers know these lights are malfunctioning and they will not sit there and I don’t blame them!  In the video below you will see one driver blowing a red light.

This other video shows the malfunctioning 10th St. @ Quintard Ave. ped signal from many angles.  Also included is the Quintard Ave. at Greenbrier Dear Road intersection.  When Quintard Ave. is only getting 30-35 seconds of green light time that is not good.

When Noble St. in downtown was re-done every intersection received new traffic lights and ped signals.  Today just about every intersection has some issues.  The biggest issue I see is the green poles are starting to rust!santa 016

At the 10th st. and 14th st. intersections the ped signals are on walk at midnight while side traffic has to sit there for no reason.  I have seen some cars including a police officer run the red light.

At the 10th st. intersection the push button to cross Noble St. is not working.  Many bar hoppers have crossed Noble St. almost getting hit by a car.

santa 033  The Noble St. at 11th St. light is on blinking mode at midnight.  I thought all the lights along Noble St. in downtown should be on 24/7?

At Noble St. and 12th St. The ped signal to go across Noble St. is malfunctioning.

santa 010

I also see several ped signals burnt out and turned the wrong way especially at the Noble St. and 15th St. intersection.

santa 018santa 021santa 025

The traffic light on AL-202 and Hunter St. needs to be checked!

santa 041

The traffic light at 10th St. and Quintard Ave. really needs to be checked.  One of the ped signal push buttons are broken and this results in major traffic backups!  When you see traffic blocking other intersections and traffic being stopped at the next light because of a malfunction you know its bad!

event 014event 021santa 004

This button is broken!

This button is broken!

I would say every traffic light along Noble St. in downtown needs to be checked!  Also the traffic lights along Quintard Ave. at 10th st, 8th st. (AL-202) and Greenbrier Dear Rd. are malfunctioning as well.  Here is an earlier post showing more road problems in Anniston.

At least the traffic lights are on.  If they were off, drivers would just ignore them!

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