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Some Anniston Train Scenes


Another thing I like to do is to go out into the wild and shoot those awesome train scenes!  I know of all the train crossings in the area so I know the best areas to get that money shot. Plus the train signals are programmed so good I know when a train is coming and in what direction.  Here is a video of some area train scenes.

I live very close to an industrial area in Anniston and there is a rail siding that connects to an industrial plant.

Up Close!

Then this local Norfolk Southern train enters the main line.

Here are some photos of historic train stuff in Talladega, AL.  First I found a classic button copy RR-Xing sign.  Then I found this Semaphore Signal on an old Norfolk Southern section.  Cool!

The Anniston, AL area also serves a Amtrak Station.  Look at the video on top to see the train in action.  Plus look at the photos below!

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