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View The Another Amtrak Train Rolling Into The Anniston Station Video

Yep, on Saturday I recorded another video featuring a Amtrak train coming into the Anniston Railroad Station.  Below is the video of the train, the entire video was shot with a smartphone, […]

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Amtrak Train Scenes In Anniston Alabama

Over the weekend I got some train scenes since it’s been a while since I posted some train stuff on Geek Alabama.  Amtrak comes through Anniston twice a day.  And on this […]

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Redoing the Coleman Road Train Crossing

Things are quiet right now with it being Winter.  So on Saturday I went down the street to photograph another train.  Right now, work is ongoing to replace worn out crossties and […]

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Train Laying Down New Crossties

Over the last week Norfolk Southern has gone along the main railroad line in Anniston to lay down new wooden railroad crossties.  Norfolk Southern is doing routine maintenance along its track in the Anniston […]

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Amtrak And The LORAM Rail Grinder

Over the past few months I have filmed a couple of trains going by in the Anniston area.  The first two scenes feature the Amtrak train going by at the Hunter St. […]

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Wellborn, Heflin, Villa Rica Train Scenes

Over the last few months when I have gone out sometimes I will stop and wait for a train to go by; then I will film it.  So here is a video of trains […]

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Some Anniston Train Scenes

  Another thing I like to do is to go out into the wild and shoot those awesome train scenes!  I know of all the train crossings in the area so I […]

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NE Alabama Train Scenes

  It has been a slow weekend around my parts.  I decided to take it easy a little bit over the weekend and enjoy things.  It also meant a little time away […]

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