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The Nashville Network is Back!

Does anyone remember The Nashville Network?  TNN launched in 1983 and ran the best country music and lifestyle programming on cable.  Programming included variety shows, talk shows, game shows, outdoors shows, and lifestyle shows, all centered in some way around country music.  Several Nashville media personalities such as  Ralph Emery, Dan Miller, Charlie Chase, and Lorianne Crook hosted shows on the network.   Several established stars such as country music singer Bill Anderson and actresses Florence Henderson and Dinah Shore also appeared on the network.   TNN even created stars, such as fisherman Bill Dance.

Some of the most popular shows on the network were Nashville Now, Music City Tonight, Fandango, Country Sportsman, I-40 Paradise, and more.  This network was a favorite of many people from the south.  All of the programming was down home and country!  And anyone knew TNN would not broadcast anything that was deemed inappropriate.  One minute you could see the latest country music videos, the next you saw outdoor programming, and then next you saw the best interviews from Nashville.  TNN was the country music home!

In 1998 Viacom bought the channel and things began to change.  Much of the country themed programming was removed.  And in 2000 the channel was re-named The National Network and the channel was re-focused for guys.  Later the channel was renamed Spike TV and we all know how that’s going today.

Fans of TNN had to go through the 2000’s decade without their favorite channel.  Then in early 2012 the signs of TNN’s return started to appear on the internet.  Jim Owens Entertainment, producers of the Crook & Chase television program and the Crook & Chase Top 40 Countdown radio show (among other programs), acquired The Nashville Network trademark and logo.  Then on November 1st Luken Communications and Jim Owens Entertainment relaunched The Nashville Network as a digital broadcast television network.  This means a TV station in each TV market would need to carry the channel as a digital sub-channel.  WSMV-TV NBC 4 out of Nashville is the flagship station for TNN.  And in the Birmingham TV Market ABC 33/40 is now carrying the channel on its D3 sub-channel.

TNN is also now on Cable One channel 485 in Anniston/Oxford.  You knew they would have to put TNN on because Calhoun County is the home of Rick and Bubba.  TNN carries several classic programming from the classic TNN such as Nashville Now, Music City Tonight and classic Crook & Chase.  Plus TNN carries some fresh programming like the entire 4-hour simulcast of the Rick & Bubba Show, Crook & Chase, and Southern Fried Fitness.  TNN also carries the best country music videos from yesterday and today! Many people are wanting to see TNN again and I am sure they will get to see it soon!  No doubt; if this is done right.  TNN can be a popular channel again!

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