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Look Out, It’s the Telekinetic Lady In A Coffee Shop


Have you seen this viral video yet with over 25 million views?  The video is part of a movie promotion for the upcoming movie Carrie.  The video takes place in a New York coffee shop when a patron begins to levitate items and humans, Carrie-style.  The stunt was orchestrated by MGM and Screen Gems and I have to say it’s a brilliant marketing scheme!  Sure, some of the people in the coffee shop were actors, but the unsuspecting people’s faces and reactions were fun to watch!  Here’s the video for you to enjoy!

I also wanted to share another Halloween related video.  The YouTube channel ucmagic has come out with another human chair prank video.  But this time it’s done Halloween style.  Some people were scared out of their wits after the chair came to life!

Learn more about Carrie which comes out on October 18th at:


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