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Have The Power To Believe In Yourself With The Pizza Rat

So I find this weird.  I mean a 15 second video of a rat in New York City has nearly three million views on YouTube.  And many are using this clip of […]

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See Why Two Men Are Walking Every Block in New York City

The New Yorker has a great video out about what two guys are doing.  New York City has over 6,000 miles of streets across five boroughs. William Helmreich and Matt Green plan to […]

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See How NYC’s Subways Runs On Old Technology

Did you know that the subways in New York City are still running on technology that is over 100 years old?  Yes!  It’s amazing this kind of tech has run this long. […]

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Look Out, It’s the Telekinetic Lady In A Coffee Shop

Have you seen this viral video yet with over 25 million views?  The video is part of a movie promotion for the upcoming movie Carrie.  The video takes place in a New York […]

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Good News Fridays: Brendan Marrocco Arm Transplants

I have started Good News Fridays to put something good out there!  And this week I am going with a military theme.  A soldier who lost all four of his limbs in […]

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What Is Needed in the “Man Aisle”

I saw this story from New York City and I thought this is something that could become very popular!  A grocery store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side has created what appears to be New […]

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