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The Georgina Chronicles: Human Food and Love

Last time I went to my mom’s house, yes I had plenty of love time from Georgina the Dog.  When I first petted her you could see all the dirt flying off of her fur.  She loves to roll around in the dirt!

I decided to give her a treat.  But since I did not see any dog treats I got half of a hot dog.  At first she thought “could I have this?”  But she later ate it.

Then I looked in the freezer and I saw the peanut butter frozen dog treats I made.  Yes I gave her one of those as well!  Note; don’t give them directly to her mouth.  Here is the recipe if you want to make them yourself!

After she ate her treats; she wanted lots of love from me!  I had to love the dog for an hour before she got tired of it.  That’s why Georgina knows she will get the greatest spoiling when I come over!

Oh yes I did not forget about King Tut the Cat.  She was perched on a hill but she wants some love as well at times.  At least until she wants to bite you!

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