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Science Mondays: A Photo Booth Where My Dog Can Take Selfies Using Her Paw

YouTuber Simone Giertz had a idea where she could have her dog step into a dog-sized photo booth and the dog would be able to take a picture for Simone to enjoy.  […]

Geek Alabama Pets: Look What These Pitties Did For Their Veteran Dad

From The Dodo Soulmates, comes a story of pitties.  Noah and Lincoln love their dad, and their dad loves them just as much! They helped him transition back to civilian life after […]

Geek Alabama Pets: We Adopted A Rescue Puppy

It’s always an awesome thing seeing a dog being adopted to a loving family.  In this video from YouTuber Stephanie Moratto, you get to see their newest dog named Bama go to […]

Geek Alabama Pets: Huskies Reunited With Each Other After Months Apart

Best friends goals, even if they are dogs.  Siberian huskies K’eyush and Sherpa have been best friends for years.  They get really excited when they see each other!  But because of the […]

3 Geeky Ways To Keep Fit With Your Dog

There is no denying that dogs make great pets. In fact, dogs are so popular in the USA that approximately 63.4 million households own at least one, according to a survey conducted by the […]

Geek Alabama Pets: The Unlikely Friendship Of Max And Quackers

I know this video is a few years old, but this story is way too good.  Max is a Siberian husky, and Quackers is a duck.  When they were around, they were […]

Geek Alabama Pets: The NewsHour’s Family Of Furry Friends

Many TV anchors across the world are doing their reports from their homes.  And that means we sometimes get to see their pets in the background.  Below, you can see the pets […]

Good News Fridays: Puppies Went On A Field Trip To The Georgia Aquarium

We all need something cute to watch right now, and this is something cute to watch.  The folks from the Atlanta Humane Society brought puppies to the Georgia Aquarium, and they loved […]

Geek Alabama Pets: Buying Everything My Dog Touches For Her Birthday

Keep in mind, this video happened before the Coronavirus pandemic.  How lucky these dogs are, their humans spoil them a lot.  The folks from My Mountain Husky took their dog named Kakoa, […]

Geek Alabama Pets: Howl Of A Dog Spent Two Weeks In A Small Village To Help 40 Dogs

From the folks at Howl Of A Dog, comes a great video of saving stray dogs.  The number of abandoned and stray dogs is of epic proportions in Romania is nothing new […]

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