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The Georgina Chronicles / Clinics Vote Today


Update: The board dropped the issue on Wednesday October 10th!

Rhonda Parker (AVRAL Chair) reported from Montgomery just now: An amazing success for animal advocates – ASBVME dropped the issue, will not proceed with any changes/regulations re: spay/neuter clinics. Huge force of AVRAL members turned out, spoke before the board and had an obvious tremendous impact upon the board. Television/media on the scene – filming and interviewing attendees. THANK YOU AVRAL MEMBERS for driving from far and near, and speaking out for the great need for low-cost spay/neuter clinics in Alabama. You did it!!

From Mark Nelson (Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic):
“Everything we were fighting for was worth it, it is a great day for animal welfare in the state of Alabama. We could not have asked for a better outcome. The board heard from the public and we look forward to working with the board in the future.”

Note: Welcome to all of you who are seeing Geek Alabama for the first time!  If you watched the live Atlanta Journal-Constitution YouTube Hangout or you are wanting to learn more about this vote in Montgomery today; thanks for coming by!

As of this morning many people are heading down to Montgomery to attend the Alabama Veterinary Medical Examiners Board meeting today over new rules that would shut down the four low-cost spay and neuter clinics across the state of Alabama.  The changes would prohibit anyone but a licensed veterinarian from providing equipment or materials used in medical procedures on animals.  If passed, the changes would cause the Alabama Spay/Neuter clinic and the other three clinics across the state to shut down.  Many cities and citizens in Alabama have come out in support of these low-cost spay and neuter clinics.  So this issue is all about GREED!

Sure; there are now efforts by several state senators to have the board not vote on the rule changes today.  Bu you never know what this board will do!  If these rules do pass today either the Federal Trade Commission will get involved to stop the rule changes.  Or this will end up in court, and no one wants that!  The people heading down to Montgomery are wearing black t-shirts to symbolize the “death” of clinics if the vote is yes.  The board will be debating the rules during the morning and at 2 pm central the board will vote on the rules!

Yes Geek Alabama has talked about this issue!  Here is the post that has brought a lot of traffic to this blog!  And here is the video I did about this issue!

So I did a new video in honor of this stupid vote today; I made The Georgina Chronicles video.  My mom’s dog Georgina really loves seeing me come over!  And you will see how spoiled Georgina the Dog really is!  And yes I will be monitoring this vote down in Montgomery today.  Many media folks will be down in Montgomery for the vote and they will post the results on social media quickly.  Let’s hope this vote never happens today!  Greedy Alabama politicians at their finest!

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