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Remembering Georgina The Dog In Video And Pictures

On the evening of August 24th, 2016, the decision was made to put Georgina the Dog to sleep.  The reasons were simple; old age, not eating and drinking, throwing up, being limp, […]

Christmas 2014 With My Mom’s Pets

  Christmas 2014 day was a good day at my mom’s house!  We did not have much gifts this year.  I gave a set of Big Bang Theory glasses, black light and […]

The Georgina Chronicles: Easter 2013

I went back up to my mom’s house for Easter.  And Georgina the Dog was outside waiting for me and instantly came up to my car for some loving!  Throughout the day, Georgina was […]

The Georgina Chronicles: Car Love and Cats

The last time I went up to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving.  Georgina the dog was there waiting for me!  When I backed up my car up and opened the door.  There […]

The Georgina Chronicles: Human Food and Love

Last time I went to my mom’s house, yes I had plenty of love time from Georgina the Dog.  When I first petted her you could see all the dirt flying off […]

The Georgina Chronicles Video

  I hope you have seen my latest animal video.  My mom’s dog Georgina did a very good job in the video titled The Georgina Chronicles.  And sadly the video only has […]

New Georgina Pictures

I have had these pictures laying around in my computer and I guess I need to show them off.  Each time I go to my mom’s house the dog Georgina just has […]

More Pictures With Georgina

Well I visited my mom’s house over the weekend.  And of course Georgina the dog came right up to want some love.  I had to love the dog for over two hours. […]

Good Times With Georgina

Every time I head over to my mom’s house there is someone that always comes up to the car to want some love.  She is Georgina the dog.  A couple of years […]

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