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Christmas 2014 With My Mom’s Pets

Picture1fsbfd Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 day was a good day at my mom’s house!  We did not have much gifts this year.  I gave a set of Big Bang Theory glasses, black light and poster, small glass owl, water light activated speakers, and a book showing how to cook with marijuana!  If you have guessed, I got most of my Christmas gifts from Spencer’s Gifts, not bad for $100!  I got socks, soap and deodorant, Apple ear buds, and a Walking Dead game.  So, it was not worth taking photos of the gift giving.  But, instead I took plenty of photos of Georgina the dog, and King Tut the cat!  Georgina really loved my homemade dog cookies!  So, enjoy great dog and cat photos below, and I hope you had a great Christmas!

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