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Roadscapes Wednesday: Anniston Road Trouble

I recently met the new mayor elect of Anniston Vaughn Stewart.  And I was glad he knew about me and this blog Geek Alabama.  So after he told me I was a big road geek (thanks) I went around to trouble spots in Anniston that needs addressing.  First I made another video showing all of the traffic light problems I found.  This first video shows how many people just ignore a traffic light with the power out.  And the second video shows traffic light problems along Noble St. and Quintard Ave.

So let’s first talk about the road paint lines.  I took these photos along Coleman Rd. and yes you can not even tell where the road paint lines should be at!

Also along 10th Street and Noble St. where they repaved the road.  They have not added the permanent road paint lines yet!  Months later and now it is getting hard to see where the center line of the road is at.  If you can’t see the road paint lines it makes the road very dangerous!

I also can’t get this out of my mind.  Last time the city went around to re-paint the road lines.  They painted some of the lines yellow when it should have been white.  One example is at Red Morris Pkwy.

Also along Red Morris Pkwy. and Spring Valley Rd. there are some very bad dips along the road that can cause a flat tire!  Why have these road problems not been fixed yet?

Up Golden Springs Rd. I approach the new intersection at Henry Rd. that is fast becoming a death trap.  What needs to happen is those yield signs needs to be replaced with stop signs.  And stop signs needs to be placed where traffic turns left onto Henry Rd. as well!

And what about this school signal along the old portion of Henry Rd. to slow traffic at The Donoho School.  This is just too funny!  And yes; it needs to be moved!

In downtown along Noble St.; some of the ped signals are burned out.  And some of the ped signals are turned away and not facing the people wanting to cross the street.  And I even tested the push buttons at 10th Street/Noble St. and some of them don’t even work!  So in my opinion; all of the traffic lights in downtown along Noble St. needs to be checked and re-timed.

Last thing; when I travel down Quintard Ave. I sometimes see someone who has to try to cross this road at a traffic light intersection without the aid of ped signals.  Sure some intersections have ped signals but why don’t the other traffic light intersections along Quintard Ave. have ped signals?  This needs to change!

I would encourage the new mayor of Anniston Vaughn Stewart to allow me to show him the other road problems I know about in Anniston.  Anniston’s streets have been neglected for a long time and it needs to be changed!

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