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Watch the I Am Second, The Robertson’s Short Film


Have about 30 minutes to watch a special video today?  If you are a fan of Duck Dynasty then this film from I am Second is worth your time.  This video goes deeper into the lives of some of the Robertson Family than what you will see on the A&E TV show.  This video reveals some dark secrets from the family, and this should be requiring viewing for anyone who is struggling in life.

In this video, you will see Phil Robertson talking about his struggles of alcoholism,  infidelity, and drugs.  And you will learn how he came to believing in Jesus Christ and God.  You will see Kay Robertson talking about the time Phil was baptized and how she saved their marriage.  And you will see how Phil Robertson started Duck Commander and the duck call business.  You will also see Jep Robertson talking about his time growing up in a Christian family.  And Jep also had to struggle with drugs and alcoholism.  A family intervention helped to save Jep’s life, it was an interesting story.

You will also hear from Reed Robertson who thought about committing suicide and hit rock bottom.  His parents saved and turned his life around.  This is an interesting story about how the Robertsons’ struggles in life brought them back together and became successful.  The Robertsons’ continues to have a commitment to faith, family, and ducks amidst their immense success, and that’s great!  Enjoy the video below!

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