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Running Behind On My Pinterest

If you have been to my Pinterest page at you have noticed I have hardly pined anything in the last few months.  I have putting off the need to pin my best photos from the Geek Alabama blog onto Pinterest.  Whenever an image on Pinterest gets a lot of re-pins it does drive up traffic on the blog.  And that’s something I would love to happen!  So over the weekend I will be working on updating my Pinterest page with the latest images.

Pinterest is mostly a women’s social network with 1 in 5 women using Pinterest.  A new report from Pew says that one-fifth of all women in the U.S. who go online belong to Pinterest, using the site to post photos of everything and anything.  But don’t worry; guys are starting to catch on.  We love pinning our best sports, food and man photos.  Pew surveyed 1,005 adults 18 and older who use the internet regularly and found that 12 percent have a Pinterest account and use it.  Of women that use the internet, 19 percent said they use Pinterest.

So don’t worry Pinterest addicts!  I will be updating my Pinterest account over the weekend.  And then you will have plenty of pins to love and re-pin.  Follow me today at

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