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Explore The Dark Side Of Instagram With No Likes Yet

Are you on Instagram?  Are you frustrated that your picture has no likes.  Don’t feel bad, many pictures on Instagram will never get any likes.  Like one of my many Instagram photos, […]

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Geek Alabama’s Top 10 Photos / Videos While I Was Age 26

Today is my birthday and I turned 27.  So I decided to put together a very special video showing off my top 10 photos and videos that I have taken while I […]

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The Instagram Photo Selling Freakout

People who use the very popular photo-sharing app called Instagram are upset these days.  First they removed the ability to easily see picture previews in their Twitter feeds.  Many Instagram users wants to share their […]

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Running Behind On My Pinterest

If you have been to my Pinterest page at http://pinterest.com/nvyoung/ you have noticed I have hardly pined anything in the last few months.  I have putting off the need to pin my best photos from […]

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