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Watch And Read Some Bad Comments In Mean Comments: Volume Two


I guess I am becoming one of the most hated people on the internet!  Is it because I have Asperger’s Syndrome?  Is it because I am overweight?  Is it because I have a learning disability?  Is it because you think I am lazy?  Is it because I am stupid?  I could go on and on.  Lately I have been getting more hateful than hopeful comments on social media.  And I want to put an end to it!  Mean comments are wrong and should not be tolerated!

So I am not only going to post a video of me reading these mean comments.  I am also going to post the mean comments below for you to read.  Know this, most social media sites do know I receive a ton of mean comments.  And they have contacted me to try to stop the problem!  If you leave a mean comment to me, expect to soon have your account terminated where you left the mean comment!  Cyberbullying sucks!

Ive watched all of these videos, and one thing is the same. You’re a lazy crybaby. You blame everyone for your problems. No logical person will believe that you’ve had over 1600 job rejections, because NORMAL people don’t apply to 1600 jobs. If you do the math, everyone will see you’re lying. 1600 job applications. Normal application takes 30 minutes. 2 an hour. And seeing as how you slept for 14 hours in one of your videos…you’re not awake a lot. Wake up fat a**…people are getting wise to you. The world of Alabama media doesn’t know you. You’re not ‘popular’. You’re a lazy, uneducated, blameshifting loser.

You’ve been saying you’re moving for the last 3 years. Get moving. Fat a**. I know a LOT of people who watch your videos, and just laugh at you. No one in that town will hire you. Because word has gotten out that you’re a lazy slob. Next time, don’t post a video of you holding a knife, saying you wish you could ‘kill Mother Nature’. Can’t lose weight because you ONLY get 180 in Food Stamps? You idiot, do a damned push up. Again, no one using LOGICAL THINKING will believe you can walk 10 miles a week, and not lose weight. You jam your face with food. That’s why. Quit crying. No one cares. Give up. Anniston knows. Birmingham knows. Alabama knows. You’re a fraud. Idiot.

So you preach tolerance, but say you ‘hate people who support the Confederate flag’. You’re a delusional, lazy idiot. Learn how to say ‘SLAVERY’. It’s not ‘SLAVERLING’. You retarded ****head. And don’t think we don’t know that you and toothless Jeffrey Leachman did the nasty in your apartment. People talk.

You are a **** yankee, move back north where you belong. We don’t need your kind down here in the rebel south.

Riddle me this. What’s a 400 pound fat slob doing mooching off the welfare system and being a lazy son of a b****? What’s a retarded person doing even applying to jobs when you should be locked in a mental hospital because you are dangerous? What’s a person doing walking on the side of the road when someone should have already picked you off? That’s right, this is a person who should be wiped from the face of the Earth. Maybe the devil has something special for you in the afterlife?

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