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Good News Fridays: New Orleans All Female Motorcycle Club

If you go to New Orleans, you might run into these women!  There is an all female motorcycle club called Caramel Curves.  These women focus on  empowering and uplifting women.  After feeling removed from […]

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My Rant Against The Harassment And Coverage At The Anniston Star Newspaper

Enjoy a video rant of me talking about this below! Well, well, well.  It seems like The Anniston Star got caught with a hand in the cookie jar, or got caught with […]

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My Thoughts On The Sam Pepper Harassment Controversy

YouTube and Vimeo are great places to host your videos, and 99% of videos are funny, cute, and great to watch.  I have a YouTube and Vimeo account and I often post […]

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Running Behind On My Pinterest

If you have been to my Pinterest page at http://pinterest.com/nvyoung/ you have noticed I have hardly pined anything in the last few months.  I have putting off the need to pin my best photos from […]

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