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Animal Rights In Alabama


Another thing that I really care about is the animals.  My mom’s dog Georgina really loves seeing me come over.  I think you can tell by the pictures and videos she is one spoiled dog.

Alabama has some very weak laws when it comes to animal welfare.  Alabama has the weakest cockfighting laws in the country.  If you get caught in Alabama you will only get a small fine of $50 and a slap on the wrist.  Cockfighting is wrong and the punishments for getting caught needs to be increased.  This video shows a glimpse of what cockfighting is like.

But cockfighting is not the only problem in Alabama.  Dog-fighting has also been a problem in Alabama but thankfully the legislature has strengthen the laws.  But this video from 2009 showing dogs on chains in a dog-fighting ring shows how bad Alabama really is when it comes to animal welfare.

I would consider the issue of spaying and neutering the biggest problem in Alabama.  State law does require animals to be spayed and neutered when leaving a shelter.  But I would like to see cities and even the state get tougher on people who like to keep having those puppies and kittens.  Around 4-5 million animals are euthanized each year across America; and that’s way too high!  Alabama actually does send animals to the northeast U.S. to be adopted because the laws up there are strict and requires all animals to be spayed and neutered.  And this is something I would love to see in Alabama.  But let’s face it; the folks who say the government has too much control will say “government is getting into our lives” or “too much government control” or ” we are becoming a nanny state.”

Here in Anniston and Calhoun County we have three animal shelters; two of them do a very good job of adopting out animals without putting them to sleep.  And the county run shelter is pretty much a killing factory.  The Calhoun County Animal Control Shelter near the landfill is the county run animal shelter.  There have been allegations of serious abuse out of this shelter and it’s still being investigated.  Many animals come out of that shelter in a bag because of the animal overcrowding problem.  I wish spay and neuter laws were written to be strict but that won’t happen anytime soon in Alabama.  For more info. go to:

Kennel outside the gate is used often.

Even horses are here.

The League For Animal Welfare is an all volunteer organization dedicated to finding homes for all adoptable cats and dogs.  Plus they are very strong supporters of spay and neuter programs.  For more info. go to:

The other shelter in the area is The Animal Shelter of Anniston.  This shelter is also a low-kill shelter and sends out many animals to loving homes.  For more info. go to:

Luckily there are organizations that wants to promote animal rights in Alabama.  The Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation (AVRAL) is strongly in favor of spay/neuter programs, animal shelter reform, humane euthanasia (no gassing).  And they are strongly against breed specific legislation, chaining/tethering of animals, puppy mills and backyard breeders, animal neglect, and abuse and cruelty in any form.  The people of Alabama simply have to elect politicians who support animal rights.  If we don’t do that we will continue to have problems with animal abuse in Alabama.  For more info. on AVRAL go to:

Also the Alabama Spay and Neuter Clinic carries out low-cost operations for people with limited income.  Plus they transport animals from several spots in Alabama so you don’t have to spend any gas money.  Politics have gotten into the way of this great organization and the hope is this clinic will continue to provide low-cost operations for years to come.  For more info. go to:

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