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See Pictures And Video From The Do Dah Day Parade 2019

Another event I covered was the 2019 Do Dah Day Parade.  Do Dah Day started as a small party but it has grown through the years for all animal lovers to enjoy. […]

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Pictures And Video From The 2017 Do Dah Day Parade

Another event I covered was the 2017 Do Dah Day Parade.  This year the parade was smaller than I remember.  Do Dah Day started as a small party but it has grown […]

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Good News Fridays: Clear The Shelters On August 15th

This Saturday, August 15th is a very special day!  Numerous animals shelters around America are participating in Clear The Shelters.  On August 15, shelters across the country are taking part in a […]

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Inside Factory Farms: Where Does Your Food Come From

UPDATE: This post written by Beth Kelly So, this post will be talking about where our food comes from.  As you know, we have seen the scandals from McDonald’s where contaminated chicken […]

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Help Out The Cheaha Regional Humane Society By Adopting

Here is something to think about, since I am on an animal type of slant today on Geek Alabama.  Last week, many people here in Anniston/Oxford and Calhoun County did not take […]

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Sunday Discussion: Alabama Animal Rehabilitation Under Attack

As some of you may know, I am an avid animal lover.  I have done my share of rescuing and taking care of animals who need the help.  For example, I helped […]

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Sunday Discussion: Shutting Down Spay and Neuter Clinics

Update: The board dropped the issue on Wednesday October 10th! Rhonda Parker (AVRAL Chair) reported from Montgomery just now: An amazing success for animal advocates – ASBVME dropped the issue, will not […]

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Animal Rights In Alabama

  Another thing that I really care about is the animals.  My mom’s dog Georgina really loves seeing me come over.  I think you can tell by the pictures and videos she […]

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