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Roadscapes Wednesday: Texting and Driving

Today a new law in Alabama takes effect that I fully support!  The new law bans texting while driving statewide.  The fines if you are caught are minor; only $25 for the first offense.  But what will get you is the 2 penalty points that will be put on your driver’s license.  This will cause you to pay more for car insurance.  So why is texting and driving so dangerous!  When you text into your phone you are most likely not looking at the road in front of you.  This of course will eventually cause an accident.

This video shows a parody driving test where the drivers had to text and drive.  This shows you how dangerous this is.

Imagine if you lost a loved one because of a senseless text message that could have waited.  Many people have been severely injured or killed because they had to look at their phone and not look at the road in front of them.  Many teenagers love to text on their phones.  It’s almost a given that young people will text on their phone every day.  I love this documentary from AT&T talking to families and police who have lost loved ones or been severely injured due to texting while driving.

I wish one day full cell phone use while driving would be banned nationwide!  But for now this is a good start.  This new law has also stirred up comments on the news websites.  Some people say this is one step closer to a nanny state and the government as too much power over our lives. (hits head on wall)  The government needs to protect its citizens and this law is prefect.  If some of you had your way there would be no seat belt law in Alabama.  Laws are made to protect us and the people around us and I fully support this law.  By the way the next time you are caught texting while driving you should be placed in these!

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