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Roadscapes Wednesday: Eating And Driving: How Much Do Those French Fries Really Cost

The day to day lives of working Americans are busy – making multitasking a necessity. However, many people take multitasking to dangerous levels. Eating and drinking while driving is a growing trend across America […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Slow Down And Evaluate The Risks Of Driving Before Hitting The Road

Post written by Alicia Rohan from Alabama NewsCenter. More than 32,000 people are killed and 2 million are injured each year in motor vehicle crashes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. […]

Video Proof On Why You Should Not Be Distracted While Driving

For you out there who thinks it’s okay to use a phone while driving, or eat while you’re driving, or do anything while driving that has you not focused on the road […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: The Dangers Of Eating While Driving

Last week, this made the news across Alabama.  A man from Alabama named Madison Turner was pulled over and given a ticket for eating while driving.  The ticket came from the Cobb County […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: CC Road / McIntosh Road Accident

A fatal car accident has shaken up the Oxford Alabama community.  On Saturday morning a car accident killed 16 year-old Brittney Bonner and 19 year-old James Michael “Trey” Phillips III when the truck went […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Seat Belts and Distracted Driving

The entire town of Ragland, AL is in mourning after 16 year-old Kristan Cox was killed on Monday night.  She was riding in the backseat of a car when the car took […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Texting and Driving

Today a new law in Alabama takes effect that I fully support!  The new law bans texting while driving statewide.  The fines if you are caught are minor; only $25 for the […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: The Accident

Near my apartment one night ago I came up to an accident on Coleman Rd. at Electronics Dr. here in Anniston.  The white SUV ran the stop sign and went across Coleman […]

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