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View These Four Tips To Prevent Distracted Driving

As cell phone and car technology advance each year, many facets of travel are being made easier for drivers everywhere. However, these innovations are also making it much easier to be distracted […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Eating And Driving: How Much Do Those French Fries Really Cost

The day to day lives of working Americans are busy – making multitasking a necessity. However, many people take multitasking to dangerous levels. Eating and drinking while driving is a growing trend across America […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Slow Down And Evaluate The Risks Of Driving Before Hitting The Road

Post written by Alicia Rohan from Alabama NewsCenter. More than 32,000 people are killed and 2 million are injured each year in motor vehicle crashes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. […]

Video Proof On Why You Should Not Be Distracted While Driving

For you out there who thinks it’s okay to use a phone while driving, or eat while you’re driving, or do anything while driving that has you not focused on the road […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: The Dangers Of Eating While Driving

Last week, this made the news across Alabama.  A man from Alabama named Madison Turner was pulled over and given a ticket for eating while driving.  The ticket came from the Cobb County […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: CC Road / McIntosh Road Accident

A fatal car accident has shaken up the Oxford Alabama community.  On Saturday morning a car accident killed 16 year-old Brittney Bonner and 19 year-old James Michael “Trey” Phillips III when the truck went […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Seat Belts and Distracted Driving

The entire town of Ragland, AL is in mourning after 16 year-old Kristan Cox was killed on Monday night.  She was riding in the backseat of a car when the car took […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Texting and Driving

Today a new law in Alabama takes effect that I fully support!  The new law bans texting while driving statewide.  The fines if you are caught are minor; only $25 for the […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: The Accident

Near my apartment one night ago I came up to an accident on Coleman Rd. at Electronics Dr. here in Anniston.  The white SUV ran the stop sign and went across Coleman […]

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