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Tuscaloosa/Birmingham Tornado

The Tuscaloosa and Birmingham tornado was the most covered tornado across all media.  This storm started in eastern Mississippi and a tornado touched town in Greene County.  The tornado rapidly gained strength and went through Tuscaloosa.

In fact some of the best tornado videos I have ever seen occurred with this tornado.  These people are very lucky to be alive.  These videos show the power of a EF4 tornado.

This tornado then moved into Jefferson County and the Birmingham metro.  The tornado grew to be a monster 1.5 miles wide.  And it kept doing destructive damage all along its path.


This tornado died after it went through the Birmingham metro.  But this same storm spawned another tornado that went through Shoal Creek and Ohatchee.  65 people died in this tornado and thousands more were injured.  And the media coverage on this tornado lasted for weeks.  This was one of the many tornadoes that made April 27th a day to remember for the rest of our lives.

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