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View A Drone Video Featuring Cleburne County 3-19-2018 Tornado Damage

We all know the extreme damage in Jacksonville from the 3-19-2018 tornado.  But, the tornado stayed on the ground past Jacksonville and Calhoun County and continued across Cleburne County.  A drone video from the YouTube channel Bradley Gann highlights the damage seen across Cleburne County.  Here is the description from the video.

Massive damage in Cleburne County, Alabama, after a supercell thunderstorm with embedded tornadoes moved through the towns of Fruithurst, Muscadine, Rosewood, and Piney Woods. The path of destruction is over a half-mile wide in places. The mature pine trees in the path of the tornado were leveled in a wide path across multiple hilltops for miles. The wind ripped trees in half and snapped many off ten feet in the air. Other trees were blown over completely pulling the entire stumps out of the ground. The force of the wind arranged the trees perfectly parallel as the destructive wind wrecked havoc on the heavily wooded areas in rural Alabama at about 9 pm on March 19, 2018.

Watch below!

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