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What To Do When You’re Struggling To Find Work

Being out of work makes it a lot harder to find a job compared to currently being in employment. When you’re employed, job hunting might have its own challenges, but at least […]

Get The Job Of Your Dreams With These Simple Tips

If you want to start your job search, then you need to make sure that you do everything you can to not only find the right company, but also the right position. […]

Starting Your Career On The Right Note After College

It’s a part of life that we can dread and be excited by in equal measure. When we’ve gone to college, and been through the education system, we can get out into […]

Would You Accept The World’s Toughest Job?

Someone created a very special video on YouTube and it’s going viral!  The YouTube channel cardstore created a video for The World’s Toughest Job.  Cardstore hired the agency Mullen to run a job ad […]

View The New Nathan Young Visual Resume Infographic

I am putting a lot of stuff of SlideShare to get me noticed.  The first and original Visual Resume is now approaching 6,000 views, happy! The Nathan Young Visual Resume Game Board […]

View The New Nathan Young Visual Resume Board Game Infographic

My visual resume, in a PowerPoint form, has over 4,200 views now and is doing very well over on SlideShare, view it below! Now, I have stepped up my game and produced […]

Nathan Young / Geek Alabama Visual Resume

This post is going to feature my visual resume and paper resume!  This visual resume presentation is 55 pages long and it took me five days to put everything together.  Most everything […]

At Another Job Fair

During my quest in finding a new job; remember I am still searching for my 14th job in 6 1/2 years.  On Tuesday afternoon I went to the Bynum Community Center for […]

Another Useless Job Fair

Update:  Hey I crossed the 20,000 reader mark on Geek Alabama.  Thanks for reading! Yesterday me and my mom went to downtown Birmingham in the rain to a job fair at The […]

A Couple of Rants

On Wednesday my mother and I went to the Pelham Civic Center for a job fair hosted by Employment Seeker.  And we were both disappointed.   Many people turned out dressed professionally for […]

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