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The Caine’s Arcade Story

If you have not seen the video of Caine Monroy’s Arcade.  You need to watch it below.  9 year-old Caine spent his entire summer vacation building a elaborate real-working arcade that is made out of cardboard.  He made his arcade very detailed with great displays, hand-labeling bags, and putting in security systems.  The sad thing was his arcade got no customers being in a rough part of L.A.  So one day filmmaker Nirvan Mullick walked in to get stuff from his dad who runs a online auto-shop and saw this amazing arcade and put together a flash mob whom made Caine’s day the best one ever!

This kid is a inspiration to all other kids!  Even Phineas and Ferb would love to work with him.  A college scholarship fund has been established and has raised over $100,000.  Get more information at

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