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Here Are 7 Games You’re Bound To Get Addicted Too

There’s something great about being completely absorbed by a game and everything it offers. That engrossing storyline or that endlessly playable gameplay mechanic can keep you coming back for more and more. […]

View The 15 Life Lessons From Classic Board Games Presentation

Here is another great presentation anyone who is a geek/nerd should love, or anyone who loves playing games will love!  When you were a kid, there some life lessons you learned from […]

View The New Nathan Young Visual Resume Board Game Infographic

My visual resume, in a PowerPoint form, has over 4,200 views now and is doing very well over on SlideShare, view it below! Now, I have stepped up my game and produced […]

Sunday Discussion: I Still Hate Doing Crossword Puzzles

Saturday was the 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle.  On December 21st, 1913, British-born newspaper editor Arthur Wynne published the world’s first crossword puzzle in the New York World.  It contained 32 words, […]

The Evening Post: Dumb Ways To Die In Video Games

You have seen the Dumb Ways to Die PSA video that has been viewed many times on YouTube.  But this new video takes this popular PSA song to a geeky level!  This […]

The Caine’s Arcade Story

If you have not seen the video of Caine Monroy’s Arcade.  You need to watch it below.  9 year-old Caine spent his entire summer vacation building a elaborate real-working arcade that is made out of […]

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