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Play A Game Of Pac-Man On Google Maps Now


Looking for something to waste your time?  You are in luck, because for April Fools Day, Google Maps have done something impressive!  They now include an option to play a game of Pac-Man on Google Maps.  All you do is go to Google Maps, and find an area with a lot of roads, like a big city.  Click on the Pac-Man button on the bottom left, and you are soon gobbling up dots and ghosts.

Enjoy this now, because this won’t stick around for long!  And it works for desktop and mobile.  All you do is clear all the dots on the screen and you win and level up to the next level.  I hope Google will soon put in a leaderboard, and I hope this will stick around, and not be a one day stunt, because this is fun!  Here is a screenshot of me playing Pac-Man on the streets of Anniston.


So, to get started now go to:

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