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Sunday Discussion: Gillette’s The Best Men Can Be Commercial

I mean I just can’t believe this.  Throughout my life I have bullied many, many times, abused by other men including my father, and mistreated as well.  And a commercial made by […]

The Bullies Are Going To Lose, And Keaton Jones Is Going To Win

I have seen this video, and it has pissed me off.  I mean, we all know the bullying is a MAJOR problem currently happening in society.  It does not matter if it’s […]

A Message To My Haters And Critics

So a post and video like this was long overdue!  I have grown tired of those on social media and the internet who either call me bad words, take advantage of me, […]

Watch And Read Some Bad Comments In Mean Comments: Volume Three

On Monday, I posted a post about how the internet bullies have hijacked my YouTube account.  As I wrote, someone went on YouTube, created a “Nathan Sucks” account, took a weird screenshot […]

The Internet Bullies Have Hijacked My YouTube Channel With Nathan Sucks

UPDATE:  I am also including a Mean Comments video and GeekNerdPoly podcast about this.  Both the video and podcast includes bad language. This will be a post about something that happened late […]

Watch And Read Some Bad Comments In Mean Comments: Volume Two

I guess I am becoming one of the most hated people on the internet!  Is it because I have Asperger’s Syndrome?  Is it because I am overweight?  Is it because I have […]

Watch The Inspiring Bars And Melody Anti-Bullying Rap Video

If you have not been living under a rock, then you know that there is a bullying epidemic problem around the world.  If you were bullied when you were younger, or know of […]

Stand With Grayson And His My Little Pony Backpack / Michael Morones Update

My Little Pony is back in the news once again, and this time, the news is not good.  9 year-old Grayson Bruce is a fan of the popular geeky/nerdy show My Little Pony: […]

Five Things That Should Be Required In Our Schools

So far, I have done posts talking about why dodgeball and corporal punishment should be banned from schools.  And both of those posts have gotten a lot of people talking.  So I […]

The Michael Morones / My Little Pony Bullying Situation

We keep hearing of stories and stories over bullying.  And I must say that bullying is a worldwide epidemic that is getting worse.  From adults in the NFL bullying each other to […]

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