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See What Happens If Everyone Acted Like A Southern Mama

So what if we lived in a world where everyone around you acted like your mom, who is from the south?  The YouTube channel It’s a Southern Thing made a video about this topic […]

Sunday Discussion: My Father’s Day Message To My Father

So today is Father’s Day, today is the day we celebrate the fathers in our lives. Sure, most fathers are great people, and I have enjoyed seeing the father stories from people […]

Sunday Discussion: Father’s Day 2013

So today is Father’s Day, and this year just like every Father’s Day I will not have to worry about giving my father a gift.  In fact, I will not be seeing […]

My Very Tough Childhood

I am not doing a Legislative Roundup this week.  I have decided to write about my personal  struggles up to this point in life instead.  My last post was about my past […]

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