Some Pats on the Back!

This blog has been getting more traffic each and every day and that is awesome; thanks to everyone who comes to read Geek Alabama!  I started my trip down blogger road last August under the name Young’s Blog.  And on April 1st I decided I needed a new name so this blog is now known as Geek Alabama.  And lately I have gotten some great responses from people I have covered on Geek Alabama.

First the TV promotion from ABC 33/40 and the show Focus@4.  I think they will be coming back out soon!  I even got a e-mail from a Fox 6 anchor saying they love my blog!  So I wonder where I will end up on TV next?

Check out what Bob Zany sent in the mail!

And Matthew Lumpkin sent me a cool message on Facebook!

Hey man, Thanks so much for the write up on our show from Friday. I am glad you enjoyed it, and really appreciate you spreading the word bout it and pushing our website. It means a lot to see someone promoting for us. Thanks for coming out and it was great to meet you. – Matthew

And a few weeks ago Connie Schultz promoted my blog post about her trip to Alabama on her social media accounts and I had around 800 views in one day!  Geek Alabama is all about talking about and covering the events in NE Alabama and NW Georgia.  You know the events the blogs and websites in Atlanta and Birmingham will never talk about.  I am excited about the future of Geek Alabama.  And I am hoping I can start doing giveaways and new topics but someone needs to hire me!  Thank you all for reading Geek Alabama!


Shape Up! – Week 8

This is week eight in my series of Shape Up!  The weekly post on what I did over the last week in my quest to getting healthier.

So I have had one very busy week.  I have seen quite a few well-known people in this area in the last week including Bob Zany, Donnie Baker, James Spann, and Connie Schultz.  And all of them referred their social media readers to my blog to read my posts.  I would like to thank you all for doing that.  In fact on Friday I had over 700 readers visit Young’s Blog.  And I also crossed the 10,000 readers mark.  I am simply amazed that each week more and more people are reading something I started seven months ago.  This is going to help bring some great things to this blog.  So stay tuned everyone!

Over the last week I had meals that I could make quick and easy.  Some nights I had chicken and other nights I had a sandwich.  With all of the popular guests I am seeing sometimes you do not have time to do much cooking.  Yes I went out one night because of the ABC 33/40 Storm Alert tour.  But I went to Arby’s and had a roast beef sandwich.  And it is really not a bad choice.  It only has 350 calories and 12 grams of fat.  The only bad thing is the sodium.  This a really great tip for all of you watching your weight.  Many chain restaurants post their nutrition info. on their websites.  So before you go out just look online to see what is a good thing to eat.

This is the one thing I wish I could be doing more.  Exercise!  I sound like a broken record when I am saying this but I have been unemployed for seven months now.  And I am still looking for my 14th job in six years.  Maybe that’s the reason why no one will hire me?  I thought I had a job lined up over the last week but at the end it was given to someone else.  This has happened several times since I became unemployed.  The only thing I have been doing is walking.  I wish I could hire a trainer or go to a gym but with little income you can not do that.  My ultimate wish right now is for someone to give me a job.  Let’s hope that happens soon or I might be writing these posts from under a bridge.

Here is what I ate in the last week:

Saturday: Cereal; French bread pizza; Milo’s no calorie tea

Sunday: Cereal; Pork chop; Brown rice;  Milo’s no calorie tea

Monday: Cereal; Arby’s roast beef; Milo’s no calorie tea; Fruit bar

Tuesday: Banana; Yogurt; Popcorn; Steak sandwich; Baked chips; Milo’s no calorie tea; Fruit bar

Wednesday: Banana; Yogurt; Popcorn; Chicken breast; Brown rice; Milo’s no calorie tea; Fruit bar

Thursday: Banana; Yogurt; Popcorn; Steak sandwich; Brown rice; Milo’s no calorie tea; Fruit bar

Friday: Cereal; Peanuts; Hotpockets; Milo’s no calorie tea; Fruit bar

Have a good week everyone!

Comedy Night At Heroes American Grille

For more photos visit the official photo blog Traffic Light Pixels.

Well we got a break in the severe weather and in the job searching to go to Heroes American Grille to see Bob Zany and Donnie Baker perform to a great crowd.  The two guys were very good and did a lot of interactions with the audience.  Of course their stand-up comedy routines were great as well.  This was the first time I ever went to Heroes American Grille near Jacksonville, AL.  The restaurant has a huge bar and a separate area for bands and people to perform.  And the food was very good.

The burger and fries was very good and I would come back to Heroes just for the food.  First up was Chris Wright from Rock 105.9 / Rock 98.3.  Then he introduced Bob Zany to the crowd.  He included a lot of audience interaction in his routine which I liked.  He did a very good comedy routine.

Then it was Ronnie Baker’s turn.  He really does a good routine when he has a good beer.

I really did enjoy both performers and I hope this is the beginning in more talent visiting this area.  The next comedy show coming to Heroes is on April 6th when Matthew Lumpkin and Patrick Jolle will perform.  Go to for ticket info.