The Evening Post: ABC 33/40 Programming Weather Radios

Geek Alabama Evening Post

On Thursday afternoon, several people from ABC 33/40 were at the brand new Oxford Publix to help people program weather radios.  Many people came out to have their radios programmed.  The lines wrapped around to the back of the store!  But everything was moving quickly!  James Spann even did a couple of live shots for Focus @ 4 and the evening newscasts.  Here are some pictures from the event.



Sunday Discussion: Big Brains Media

First off; remember this video from last January?  Under the old blog name Young’s Blog I appeared on ABC 33/40 on the show Focus @ 4.  This was about the Shape Up! campaign.  Well Marissa Mitchell contacted me once again for an follow up!  Watch the original story below.

And here is the three month update!

Now on to the post.  Last week James Spann from ABC 33/40 put out a post about his new company called Big Brains Media.  This company is going to be great because its all about podcasting.  For those of you that does not know about podcasting it’s a digital media consisting of shows and episodes that you download off the internet and watch on devices such as a iPod, iPhone, iPad, computer, or any electronic device.  One of the most successful podcasters out there is Leo Laporte; the founder of TWiT; or This Week in Tech.  But there are many other successful podcasters out there and this type of media grows bigger and better every day!  In fact James Spann believes that traditional media such as television is slowly dying and podcasting will replace it.

So James Spann is looking to launch 6-12 different podcast shows by the end of 2012.  And I believe I am one of those people that can have an successful show on Big Brains Media.  My show would focus on the Geeky and Technology culture in the Southeast U.S. and especially Alabama.  Most people do not believe this but the technology culture in Alabama is growing every day!  That’s the main reason why I changed the blog name from Young’s Blog to Geek Alabama.  Our show would talk about any technology news of the week; talk about current topics such as TV shows and animation; do product and app reviews; talk about coming up weekend events like I do on Geek Alabama, do interviews, and maybe do a contest or two.  Our show would be like the podcast done on blogs such as Geek Dad; here is an example below.

So I am hoping my show idea gets picked up and launches!  I would need to find some co-hosts to help with the show.  And I would need to start finding people that would love to be interviewed.  I think this show would be a success!  And maybe we could have our show put on video streaming like This Week in Tech and Geek Dad is.  I am going to send out a e-mail to James Spann talking about this post.  Let’s see where this leads us!  If you have an podcast idea; click on the link below to learn more!

Some Pats on the Back!

This blog has been getting more traffic each and every day and that is awesome; thanks to everyone who comes to read Geek Alabama!  I started my trip down blogger road last August under the name Young’s Blog.  And on April 1st I decided I needed a new name so this blog is now known as Geek Alabama.  And lately I have gotten some great responses from people I have covered on Geek Alabama.

First the TV promotion from ABC 33/40 and the show Focus@4.  I think they will be coming back out soon!  I even got a e-mail from a Fox 6 anchor saying they love my blog!  So I wonder where I will end up on TV next?

Check out what Bob Zany sent in the mail!

And Matthew Lumpkin sent me a cool message on Facebook!

Hey man, Thanks so much for the write up on our show from Friday. I am glad you enjoyed it, and really appreciate you spreading the word bout it and pushing our website. It means a lot to see someone promoting for us. Thanks for coming out and it was great to meet you. – Matthew

And a few weeks ago Connie Schultz promoted my blog post about her trip to Alabama on her social media accounts and I had around 800 views in one day!  Geek Alabama is all about talking about and covering the events in NE Alabama and NW Georgia.  You know the events the blogs and websites in Atlanta and Birmingham will never talk about.  I am excited about the future of Geek Alabama.  And I am hoping I can start doing giveaways and new topics but someone needs to hire me!  Thank you all for reading Geek Alabama!