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Sunday Discussion: Nike Dream Crazy Ad Featuring Colin Kaepernick

We live in a time where the tiniest little thing will set off some people.  When Kellogg’s removed their ads from BrainFart, people flushed their cereal down the toilet.  When Keurig pulled all their ads from the Sean Hannity show on Faux News Channel, some people destroyed their machines.  And when Starbucks said they stand against the bully Donald Trump, some went in anyways and told the workers to write Trump on the cups.  I mean come on, some people in America are against things to help and protect others, and only support a person who wants Americans to hate others, and pollute the rest of the world, among other things.  This is not the America I know and love!

Now, the latest company to enter the political spectrum is Nike.  Nike signed Colin Kaepernick, who was among the first to protest police brutality by kneeling during the National Anthem.  No, Colin is not protesting America.  He is protesting the continuing problem of some police being racist to others.  And yet, some are protesting the NFL, and now Nike too.  Some have taken the unusual step and burned their Nike shoes.  I mean, spending a lot of money on shoes just to burn them is kind of a idiot move!  I thought the ad where it shows athletes overcoming major obstacles was great.

People with mental or physical disabilities have to work way harder than other people to get where they want to be in life.  And that includes myself as I have a mental disability.  The ad also showed people of different religions, sex, income level, weight, health problems, and more overcoming major obstacles to achieve their dreams, I loved that!  I was inspired by this ad that Nike made, and it should be bringing people together, not dividing them more and burning Nike products.  Some people really need to get a reality check and quit watching the Faux News and following the orange one pretending to be president.  My favorite quote was “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”  I think we all can agree with that.  Enjoy the ad below!

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