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Sunday Discussion: The Freedom From Religion Foundation And The False Truth Of Police Brutality

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On this Sunday Discussion, I am going to talk about two big stories, that should be talked about since this is the last Sunday before Christmas 2014.  First off, I really want to talk about the Freedom From Religion Foundation, who are based in Wisconsin.  The foundation has been on a crusade to make sure no prayers and church based things are happening on government property or events.  First, they sent a letter to Piedmont City Schools demanding they end prayers before their home football games.  The result, prayers no longer happen, but there is a moment of silence.

Second, the foundation sent another letter to the City of Piedmont asking them to rename their Christmas parade from “Keep Christ In Christmas.”  The result, the city did drop the theme, but many people turned out to make sure others knew what Christmas was all about!  You saw plenty of reminders of Christianity and Jesus Christ!  The foundation kind of lost that battle!

And now, the foundation has sent a letter to the City of Rainbow City asking them to remove a nativity scene in front of city hall.  The result, they did remove it for a day, but returned it!  And now the mayor and city officials have no plans to take the nativity scene down, even if they have to defend it in court.  Last week, hundreds rallied to keep the nativity scene, and I thought this was a great sight to see!


So, I want to address the Freedom From Religion Foundation, who seems like they have nothing better to do!  You do realize that Alabama is in the Bible Belt, right?  And down here in Alabama, most people are Christian.  So, you are going to see things associated with Christianity and the Bible.  For the few people who are members of the group, and reporting these small things, you might as well quiet down.  I’m sorry if you are an atheist, because 95% of people in Alabama are not atheist, and they are not going to let 5% of people tell what the other people should do!

For example, the City of Anniston has also put out a nativity scene along Quintard Ave in the median.

christmas 131

And here is another nativity scene.

christmas 197

And here is one of the angels.  Don’t tell me that is evil too!

christmas 278

I fell bad for the few of you who are atheists.  Because, if people discovered it was you who called the Freedom From Religion Foundation over a simple nativity scene, you would be harassed by many other people.  You might as well get over it, Christianity is here to stay!  If you don’t like it, move somewhere else!

Also, I wanted to also talk about the two cops from the New York City Police Department, who were assassinated without any chance to defend themselves.  They were both just sitting in a patrol car, and someone walked up from behind and shot them to death.  The shooter than killed himself.  The amount of people who are just against all police has shot up since the Michael Brown and Eric Garner deaths.  The amount of people who believe all police are against those who are colored has shot up, and it’s embarrassing, because there is no such thing as police discriminating against certain people, there’s no discrimination, hear that protesters from Black Lives Matter?

Thanks to the 24 hour news cycle, where CNN, Fox News, and other news outlets are talking about this most of the time, you have people who are misinformed, and are now scared of any police officer.  For the very few who are mentally ill, like the person who shot dead two NYPD officers, they think the only way to solve the problem is to physically harm anyone who works in the police, and that is wrong!  Face it, Michael Brown was a thug and was most likely going to prison, Eric Garner was breaking the law and he knew it, and resisting arrest is the one thing you never do!  If you are not doing anything wrong, you don’t have to worry about the police investigating you!  It’s that simple, don’t break the law, and you don’t have to worry about the police!

Police officers goes into harm’s way on every shift, and they should have some of the highest respect!  This police bashing from some people has gone too far!  You don’t need to be blocking major highways, burning down buildings, or harming/murdering police officers to get your point across about police brutality.  Guess what, police brutality is not happening!  Police departments are not out of control, and the mainstream media needs to find something else to talk about.  To sum things up, if you are not doing anything wrong, don’t worry about the police.  And if the police comes to question you, remain calm and don’t do anything stupid, or you could be arrested, tasered, or shot.  This sounds like something you should have learned in pre-school.

The police are not evil, they are not racist, they are not killing machines, and they don’t want to arrest everyone they come in contact with.  They are hard working men and women who does the job to protect and serve.  They don’t make up the laws either, they only enforce the laws.  So, for the ones who complain that the police should not be going after speeders, or those with a small amount of drugs, how about protesting in front of politicians instead?  They are the people who make the laws!  I think it’s high time to thank serving police officers, fire fighters, and EMS workers like we do with the military, because they deserve our thanks!

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