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The City Of Anniston Is Too Lazy And Won’t Fix Traffic Light / Ped Signal Issues Along Quintard Avenue

My video about this.

So, this has been an ongoing issue, and it’s just getting worse.  Years ago, Anniston spent money to Synchronize traffic lights on Quintard Avenue.  Today, intersections such as those on Blue Mountain Road and 22nd Street are not even synchronized when they are supposed to be.  The intersection at 19th Street does not allow enough time for traffic to clear out, often backing up the McDonald’s.

And now, another light at 8th Street / AL-202 is now not synchronized anymore.  When the light only gives up to 35 seconds of green light time for traffic on Quintard, and the traffic on Quintard has to wait up to two minutes for the next green light, this is what happens.

Traffic is so backed up now that the intersections at 9th Street and 7th Street has traffic blocking them.  Cars are squeezing their way in between the gaps to get across.

Here’s the thing, there is a major hospital nearby, and ambulances have to go through this messed up traffic light intersection to get to the emergency room.  With this much traffic backups, ambulances can not get through the traffic to reach the ER.  This could kill someone.  Not to mention someone not paying attention can slam into someone as well.  This is a very dangerous situation!  And how long will it take Anniston to fix this one now?  Way back in March, I went to the city council meeting telling them about all these problems such as burnt out ped signals and sensors missing from traffic signals.

I even spoke to a city official, and nine months later, all you find is even more burnt out ped signals, ped signal buttons that don’t work, ped signals that are missing, traffic lights that are not synchronized, and more mess.  Drivers are running red lights such as the one at the Greenbrier Dear Road intersection with Quintard Ave because the light has had issues for years!

A couple of lights on Quintard are synchronized 24/7, when they are not supposed to be.  Some drivers turning left on red or waiting to cross Quintard Ave. run the red light because they are not going to sit there.  Also, two intersections have ped signals missing.

Some push buttons such as this one below are not working.

The buttons are missing with a screw only remaining along with mostly all ped signals burnt out at this intersection.

The sensors have still been not re-installed at this intersection years after it was repaved.

Multiple ped signals along Quintard are burnt out, there are some at every intersection.

And people can’t make a proper left turn from Quintard and end up blocking lanes of traffic.

So Anniston, I think it’s a waste of my time to go to another city council meeting to tell you to get off your butts and fix these problems!  Why have all these problems not been fixed?  Do you not care?  Are you waiting for someone to be killed before doing something?  Here’s a solution, fix these problems!  We should not be some rundown ghetto city, but with all these problems, the image being left behind is a rundown city.

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