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Trainscapes: Special Executive Union Pacific Train | Pengra Pass & High Joso Trestle

Welcome to the Trainscapes segment! Each week here on Geek Alabama, Trainscapes will feature train content including videos of trains and behind the scenes action of trains and locomotives. Some people have an interest in seeing trains, and we here at Geek Alabama aim to please the train lovers!

From the mountains of Western Oregon to the rugged land of Eastern Washington!  Railfan Dan had double the luck with this train and checked off a rare one on the list because of it.

Part 1 on Pengra Pass was an easy enough catch since it is so close to home but Part 2 is the real treat. I had told myself the next time I got a heads up about a UP OCS Executive train making its way over the Joso Trestle I would have to try and make it there. As pure luck would have it I was heading to the Eastern Washington region for another railroad related reason during the same time the train would be heading South on the Ayer Sub which just happened to be three days after I had already captured it on Pengra Pass. I had the ultimate luck that it was still just barely light enough to catch this as well! Multiple years usually pass between UP OCS Executive Trains over this bridge so I hope you enjoy this rare view!

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