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The Internet Is Changing, But Do Regular People Need To Worry About It?

Most people that use the internet have very simple tasks that they want to accomplish. Some people want to keep up with their friends, others want to play video games, and some just want to do their shopping. Whoever you are, there’s a good chance that you have a specific goal in mind whenever you start up your computer or open up the browser on your smartphone.

But the internet has been changing for a while now. There’s a much bigger emphasis on social media these days and how people use the internet has gradually shifted. In the past, the internet was a source of information that people could rely on. These days, finding credible sources is much more difficult and there’s a heavier emphasis on using the internet as a form of entertainment and convenience.

So how else is the internet changing and do you need to worry about it as a regular user?


You should learn to protect your data

Your data is valuable to companies because it gives them information about their customers. They can use this data to create better marketing strategies and effectively sell you more products. This seems rather harmless at first, but that data can easily be misused by bad actors and it can even be stolen in some cases.

More important data such as your name, address, and even banking details can also be stolen. This is especially true when a smaller company doesn’t understand the implications of cybersecurity and they end up forgetting to secure your data. This means that hackers can easily steal your data and then use it for nefarious deeds like stealing your money or even trying to scam you by posing as a legitimate service.


A new version of the internet might be coming

Experts such as Eric Pulier have been discussing the idea of a new upgrade to the internet known as Web 3.0. This isn’t a normal software upgrade, but rather a gradual global transition to new internet services that make use of a decentralized system. This means that the internet will be less reliant on third-party services and companies, and more people will have control over their data and content.

Imagine if you could post a picture on the internet and then be told everywhere that your picture is used and if it’s been copied. And then whenever someone uses your picture, it credits you as the owner so that people know it belongs to you. This is an example of what could happen with this new version of the internet. However, most people don’t need to worry about this nor do they really care, but it’s still a cool feature that we could see in a newer version of the internet.


Some final words

The reality is that the internet is constantly changing but most people don’t really need to worry about it. All of the security additions are applied automatically, meaning you don’t need to change how you use the internet. Browsers are also getting more secure, meaning there are more layers of protection to help you avoid having your data stolen or abused.

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