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What Do Boomers Do On The Internet (Infographic)

Think baby boomers can’t make heads or tails of the internet? Well, think again. Turns out seniors are just as into tech as anyone else.

Actually, studies show that 82% of seniors access the internet to get all kinds of information, from the news to medical advice and most of them even use a smartphone to do it.

So, what do the elderly use the internet for exactly?

The majority of adults aged 65+ say that the weather forecast is the number one reason why they go online. Keeping up to date with the latest information about the weather is pretty important to seniors.

After all, the heat and the cold tend to affect them more than the rest of us. This means that for seniors, weather apps do more than just keep them in the loop. They can help them determine if the weather outside is a possible health risk or not.

Also, the internet provides them with instant information instead of waiting around to hear about the forecast on TV. What’s more, TVs and radios are not always turned on, but phones usually are and app notifications are a great way for seniors to know what’s going on outside in real time.

Another reason why boomers use the net is to play games. We all think video games are great fun, so why shouldn’t seniors feel the same way? Plus, there is an added benefit. The elderly claim that playing games increases their motor skills and as well as their mental sharpness.

Not to mention that they can use online games to communicate with other people and that way improve their social life. So, the next time you see your grandma playing Candy Crush Saga, don’t laugh at her. Maybe try and help her get more points.

Other uses include shopping, entertainment, banking, and checking up on their grandkids’ social media profiles.

Well, if this information isn’t enough to break stereotypes about seniors and technology, I don’t know what will.

But, don’t take my word for it. Check out the infographic below that has all the hard-hitting facts about seniors and the Web and see for yourself.

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