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Geeks Go Wild: How To Enjoy The Great Outdoors When You’re More Used To Your Bedroom

When your computer is calling you, the great outdoors can feel like something that you’ll have to consider another day. Before you know it, days or even weeks have passed with hardly a hint of daylight, and certainly not much chance to enjoy nature. But, what happens when your family, mates, or whoever asks you on a camping trip? Far from simply dipping a toe out of your den once in a while, this can feel like an extreme step away from what makes you comfortable. Imagine, all of the bugs and fresh air you’ll get – totally unbearable! Unless, of course, you embrace an experience that could actually end up being pretty cool when you take along the following crucial pointers for survival as a geek in the wild. 


Tip 1: Always consider campsites carefully

While some modern campsites come fully equipped, others are way more basic. Obviously, this latter choice is going to come as a shock to any geek who has to go without wifi and do their business in a hole, which is why you should always look out for choices that offer a little bit more. Depending on your needs, options that offer, say, electrically charged cabins, or at least a clubhouse complete with wifi, computer access, or arcades may certainly feel more like home. At the very least, make sure that you have access to a toilet and washing facilities that save you from having to bare all to a natural world that you aren’t exactly well acquainted with.


Tip 2: Stock your pack well

A well-stocked survival pack is yet another crucial element of your enjoyment here, and should include things like battery packs, handheld consoles, and some good old toilet roll for even a stay somewhere well-equipped. Equally, if you know that you’re heading far into the wilderness, preparatory steps including the stocking of ample bug spray supplies and even the acquisition of a firearm (or the building of your own using surprisingly simple 80% lower receivers and parts), could end up saving your life. Or, at least stop you from feeling petrified by every last bug or rustle of grass that you hear. 


Tip 3: Make your tent into a base

Given that you leave your bedroom so rarely, the chances are that you’re pretty dependent on a pretty comfortable base that you can let loose in. As such, you should also take steps to make your tent into that escape as much as you possibly can. Simple things, like unpacking instead of just living out of your bag for the whole trip, could help with this, as could a semi-decent setup with the most comfortable sleeping bag you can find, in-tent lighting, and of course, plenty of snacks to hand whenever you need them (as long as the rodents can’t also get at them!).

Geeks going wild might seem like a recipe for disaster, but you could well turn into a camping convert if you get your trip off to the right start using these methods. 

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