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4 Ways To Hang Out Virtually (Without Quizzes!)

Finding new ways to hang out is hard now that it’s been a year since the Coronavirus outbreak occurred. Let’s face it – most people assumed it would be over by now. So, if you haven’t found a technique for connecting, you’re not alone.

Sadly, although quizzes helped at the beginning of lockdown, they are played out. The same goes for a Zoom call. Of course, you still need to hang out virtually, or else you run the risk of losing your bond with your loved ones. Therefore, the question becomes, how do you do it without being bored?


Here are four answers.


Netflix & Chill

Watching Netflix has been the foundation of the pandemic for millions of people, judging by the subscriber stats. But, doing it alone isn’t the same as watching with friends and family and bouncing off each other throughout a movie or episode of a TV show. Thanks to Netflix Party, a Chrome browser extension, it’s possible to view the same thing at the same time. When you pause, they pause, and so on. In conjunction with a video-calling app, you should experience a smoother process with fewer glitches and interruptions. Plus, you don’t have to wait months to talk about your favorite shows!

A Book Club

A book club is an oldie but goodie. There’s no doubt that indulging with mobile devices has become a thing in the past twelve months, more so than usual. Therefore, finding ways to unwind without staring at a screen is essential, and a book club provides the perfect opportunity. All you need to do is find a story that appeals to everyone, read it within a certain period, and report back on the themes running throughout the prose. The brilliant thing is, you’ll find a new-found love for reading.


Virtual Escape Room

Wait a minute – escape rooms are supposed to be completed in-person. If they are digital, what is an online escape room? Good question. The answer is simple – everything you experience face-to-face but from the comfort of your living room! To get started, you choose a package and receive instructions from the escape room HQ. Then, you use the clues you find to work your way through the mystery. Even though it’s done virtually, success still depends on critical factors such as critical thinking and the powers of deduction. Plus, it’s very novel and something you probably haven’t tried during the lockdown.


There are loads of recipes that you can create from your kitchen. All you require is somebody to take the lead and show you how. Pizza is a prime example. Yes, a pizza oven is preferred, yet it’s not necessary if you don’t have an Ooni to hand. Instead, you can do yours in the pan and finish it off in a very hot oven. Cooking encourages you to multitask, which means you’re not staring at a screen thinking of things to say while making the task light and fun.

If you’re bored of quizzes, how are you staving off monotony in this current lockdown?

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