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Crowdsourcing Mornings: Cove by Leon – The Ultimate Desktop Workspace

Welcome to the Crowdsourcing Mornings segment!  Every weekday morning, Geek Alabama talks about and features one crowdsourcing project from crowdsourcing sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others.  The hope with Crowdsourcing Mornings is to feature and help a project be successful and reach its fundraising goal.  Please enjoy today’s featured project!

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Focus, connect and inspire with Cove: a modern desktop designed for work, home or anywhere in-between.

Designed to meet the demands of the modern worker, Cove by Leon helps you look, sound and feel your best at work, home or anywhere in between. With adjustable backlighting, sound-dampening felt, and sleek design, Cove represents a new way to work.

Cove is for the remote worker trying to gain some privacy from the distractions of home, but it’s also for the office workers attending two different conferences from the same room, or the hopeful startup in the corner of the co-working space. It’s for writers, artists, marketers, gamers, accountants, podcasters, salespeople, hobbyists, managers, students, scientists, streamers, programmers, and anyone who has ever considered taking a Zoom call from a closet.

For 25 years, Leon has been handcrafting a full range of customizable speakers and technology concealment solutions for residential and commercial spaces around the world. As artists, designers, musicians, and engineers ourselves, we know the importance of good communication, good acoustics, and a good workstation.

As of July 23rd, this project has raised $5,000 of their $66,000 goal. This project has 54 days left to raise the $66,000 or it might not be funded.  For a pledge of $45, you will get swag.  For a pledge of $395, you will get one Cove workplace studio.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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