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Extra! Extra! How Email Newsletters Can Increase Your Customer Count

When you own a business, priority number one is attaining more customers. Enter: email newsletters. They’re a great way to reach out to your current customers, retain existing ones, and gather new ones. By creating engaging content and employing the use of tools like data visualization and PDF editors you can create a fruitful newsletter that customers will respond to. If you need some pointers to help you find your way, this guide brought to you by Geek Alabama can lend a hand.


Why are newsletters effective?

Newsletters are a great way to drive traffic to your website, connect you to customers, and (maybe best of all) it’s a money saver. One study showed that 59% of customers reported that marketing emails influence their purchase choices. Further, 50.7% of those customers will buy from the company at least monthly.

It’s important to note that social media marketing and email marketing are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they can go hand-in-hand. Email newsletters can drive traffic to your social media pages, and social media can lengthen your outreach list. They are especially effective when offers and discounts are included.


How do I write an effective newsletter?

Alchemy Three notes that your first task in developing your newsletter is to find your focus. Pick a theme for each email. Tell readers what they’ll see and make clear your call to action (maybe you want them to visit your most recent blog post). Keep information relevant to your clients and their needs.

Data visualization is important to incorporate into your newsletter. This could be a graph, pie chart, scatterplot, or infographic. Data visualization tools help your customers absorb important information quicker and easier. You might choose to share company growth in the last six months with a line graph or rank your most popular products or services with a bar graph. These tools can also help a skimming reader stop and actually look at the details of the information.

Chamaileon offers an excellent 13-point guide in newsletter writing that you should definitely check out before you start.


Where can I find help in writing my newsletter?

Start by attaining all the information you’ll need to draft your newsletter from each relevant department. If you don’t have any kind of copywriter on staff, you may want to extend your search outside the company to find one. It’s essential to find someone who knows not only how to compile information sensibly, but who can also make articles flow. You want patrons to be glad they decided to read on, so quality is absolutely crucial.

There are also online tools at your disposal. Once you’ve got the pieces of your newsletter gathered, assemble and organize using a template that will make for easy reading. Many people prefer to use PDF files since they give a magazine-like format. They’re also easy to upload and secure. If you’ve opted to use your own template or another kind of program, try the option to convert to a PDF document for easier creating, editing, modifying, and sharing. To convert other kinds of files, just drag and drop and have a PDF in seconds.


How do I get more people to read my newsletter?

There are a number of ways to get more steady readers of your newsletter. A few techniques include:

  • Creating an enticing subject line to draw readers in
  • Preview text to give readers a peek into what’s coming
  • Compelling title to grip readers
  • Featured/special content at the top
  • Images and data visualization
  • Social share buttons

The fact is, it essentially comes down to two steps: compelling content and easy sharing. Your newsletter should have articles readers are inclined to share with others. With your stamp of approval, more readers (and potential customers) will trust the source and be willing to look at the content not just of your newsletter, but of your homepage as well.

These days, email newsletters almost seem outdated. However, they’re still a fantastic way to keep in touch with your current customer base and increase it. With the right strategies — like creating engaging, quality content — and resources — like professional writers, data visualization, and PDF editors — your company’s newsletter just might become your secret weapon.

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