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5 Useful Kitchen Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

Everyone loves a clean kitchen. However, it might seem hard to keep a spotless kitchen with all the daily food preparation, dirty dishes, and spills or splatters. For this reason, you need clever tips to keep the kitchen clean. You will love how clean your kitchen looks after or before cooking.

Nevertheless, here are five crucial kitchen cleaning tips you should be aware of.

Clean as You Go

The quickest approach to complete the kitchen cleaning after preparing a meal is to clean as you cook. For instance, you may wash surfaces and knives while the chicken and vegetables are roasting in a sheet pan.

Additionally, have a soft cloth or dish towel nearby to instantly wipe up splatters and spills since they will be harder to remove if allowed to dry. Cleaning as you cook is also essential since it reduces the likelihood of cross-contamination in the kitchen.


Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Countertops

Hydrogen peroxide may clean more than just your sinks and bathtub. It may make even the dirtiest of countertops clean. Just make sure to use the 35 hydrogen peroxide food grade version of hydrogen peroxide for safe cleaning.


Regularly Wipe Things Down

During the preparation of a meal, ketchup bottles, jelly jars, and bottles of vanilla or olive oil may get rather dirty. And when this dirt is allowed to linger, it solidifies and attracts dust and other disgusting debris that finds its way onto countertops and shelves.

Therefore, it is a general rule of thumb to wipe these objects off with a moist microfiber cloth before placing them back in the refrigerator or kitchen cabinet. Then, take this kitchen cleaning tip one step further by immediately wiping off the shelves and surfaces where these jars and bottles will be placed.


Utilize Citrus Peels as a Multi-Purpose Cleaner

The next time you have citrus fruits at home, bear in mind that the peels may be beneficial for cleaning the kitchen. This is because citrus peels have an oil known as D-limonene, a powerful solvent for even greasy filth.

Collect the peels in a big container. Pour enough vinegar into the container to soak the peels thoroughly. About two weeks should be allowed to pass. Then, pour the liquid through a filter into a spray bottle. Your new multipurpose cleaner is ready for use. This spray may be used to clean countertops, kitchen floor, stovetops, and almost any other surface in the kitchen. This multipurpose cleaner imparts a lovely smell to the kitchen, which is one of its additional benefits.


Water Boil Greasy Stove Vents

Cleaning the ducts above your stove is one of the most challenging parts of cleaning your kitchen. They are frequently overlooked when it comes to kitchen cleaning. It’s essential to keep an eye out for them since they’re a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Boiling water in a big stainless-steel kettle works well for scrubbing out the grit in your vents. While it’s boiling, add approximately ¼ cup of baking soda. The oil will be easily removed.



Entering the kitchen and immediately being confronted with the foul smell of garbage and spills everywhere is disturbing. Every day, your kitchen requires a lot of cleaning, from clearing up after cooking, washing the dishes, and cleaning up everyday spills.

Homeownership is a significant responsibility, but it can also be a very gratifying experience. At last, something that you can call your own. You should maintain its value by keeping it clean. These tips can help you keep your kitchen tidy.

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