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Crowdsourcing Mornings: Japan’s First Ninja Online Academy

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When you hear about “Ninja” or “Shinobi”, you might think of those fighting enemies in the dark with ninjutsu, such as from recent PS4 game Ghost of Tsushima to Ninja in many movies. Although it is true that Japanese ninja were military units or single agents utilized by the medieval samurai clans, many of these Ninja images, however, are fiction images, or biased images that were influenced by creative works.

We, Japan Ninja Council, is the world’s only official organization composed of groups including mayors and governors around Japan,aiming at spreading accurate “Ninja” images to the world and inherit traditional ninja arts & culture to the next generation. Founded in 2014, before when there is no single association to tell the genuine ninja culture, Japan Ninja Council has been promoting the culture by collaborating with the Japanese central/local Government, major broadcasters, and academics.

One of our important missions is to certificate an official ninja license “NINDO” to those who learned and trained enough on Ninjutsu. NINDO is the one and only official ninja license certificate system run by Japan Ninja Council.

We have also been broadcasting Nindo Channel on YouTube since February 2020. Through the channel genuine ninjutsu is lectured directly by Jinichi Kawakami sensei, who is head of the one of the longest traditional ninja schools since the 16th Century in Japan. He is the most famous ninja all over the world by this Youtube video as well.

Through this channel, Kawakami sensei wants to provide introductory contents on NINDO, which he thinks important to succeed to next generations.

We want to bring to life the World’s First Online Ninja Academy through this crowdfunding campaign

The dramatic increase of NINDO channel subscribers on YouTube shows us how much people around the world want to know more about “accurate facts on ninja” which has long been inherited secretly within the closed, nearly-extinct Ninja community in Japan. Our YouTube channel also told us we should deliver “genuine ninja lessons taught by genuine ninja”, which people over the world are keen to learn.

These people’s voices as well as Kawakami sensei’s passion strongly drive us to launch Kickstarter project to provide NINDO courses taught by genuine Japanese ninja via online to people who want to learn more about ninja,  acquire basic ninja skills, or to be certified as real “ninja” by official ninja schools around the world. There are  thousands of  ninja Dojo all over the world but no online lesson has been conducted before we start. This is the first crowd-funding for official Ninja E-learning contents taught by genuine Ninja.

As of June 3rd, this project has raised $11,000 of their $54,705 goal. This project has 38 days left to raise the $54,705 or it will not be funded. For a pledge of $28, you will get one year academy access.  For a pledge of $92, you will get the beginner course.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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