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How Marijuana Can Help Gamers To Improve Their Focus & Concentration

The gaming world is slowly gaining traction and global recognition as sporting events become more popular. And with it, the pressures that professional gamers must deal with every day in terms of training to improve their reflexes and other gaming skills. Gamers are always under immense pressure to become the best players and fight for bragging right in online gaming forums. However, as with any other competitive event, intense online gaming can elicit stress and anxiety. This can make it increasingly difficult to remain calm and collected throughout a match.

Investing endless hours of your time training can take a toll on your focus, severely impacting your competitive edge. Comes CBD, one of the best-known natural remedies for alleviating stress, anxiety, and other emotions that may inhibit focus. Most competitive gaming requires players to have exemplary motor skills and be very fast when it comes to relaying commands on their peripheral devices at very high speeds. Therefore, doing this over long periods can be very strenuous, especially for the brain.


Impact of Competitive Gaming on Professional Gamers

The amount of time that competitive gamers invest in training their motor skills and other reflexes to improve their gaming can have a toll on gamers. It can have a lot of mental strain on gamers, especially when preparing for important tournaments.

You find that the top gamers spend about 12 to 14 hours every day practicing. That means investing all your energy into training for over 12 hours, which can be very strenuous and can quickly tire someone out. Not to mention the player’s level of concentration.

Sure, passion and desire all contribute toward competitive gaming. However, investing this amount of time and energy into training can be very overwhelming for the player.


How Marijuana Can Help Gamers Have a Competitive Edge

When used appropriately, marijuana has been known to help gamers to gain more control and focus for longer periods. Studies show that CBD interacts with the brain’s neuroreceptors and brings the gamer to a calm state of mind. This helps to improve the player’s focus and sharp for a lot longer than the average player

Marijuana interacts with serotonin receptors and other ion channels that produce a feeling of calmness. Serotonin recreation is the brain’s way of responding to a positive situation. It helps to reduce symptoms associated with excessive nervousness like pain, poor sleep quality, and nausea.

CBD can increase the player’s level of focus and induce relaxation when gaming, thereby putting the player in a state of flow. Flow is the highest form of concentration that you can experience. It’s the event where the gamer is completely immersed in the game and isn’t distracted by anything else. This can work to the player’s advantage since they are less likely to feel physically or mentally fatigued.


How CBD Works for Focus

If you are looking for focus to help with your gaming, you can buy the best hash online canada for this purpose. CBD directly associated with dopamine in the brain, a chemical neurotransmitter that controls focus, memory, and mental awareness. Gamers who suffer low concentration levels often have low dopamine levels.

Smoking or taking marijuana edibles can increase your dopamine levels. Taking the right marijuana product from the right strain can help to enhance your focus and consequently enhance your overall gaming performance.

Gamers who take marijuana have admitted to having their focus levels enhanced significantly and becoming better performers. Therefore, it goes without question that CBD can be directly linked to higher dopamine levels in the brain, and as a result, result in enhanced mental focusing capabilities.

Previous studies demonstrate that marijuana helps players with attention insufficiency and other focus issues. Marijuana supplements the body by expanding its user’s concentration levels, thereby allowing players to game with a more focused inclination. Professional gamers can put more effort into their training, improve their reflex and motor skills productively, and wind up their performances with the right dose and strain of marijuana products.


Communication plays a key role in gaming as professional gamers invest all their collaborative efforts to articulate and anticipate their opponents’ moves in the middle of matches. And these ideas must be concise and responded to in microseconds to give you an edge over your competitors. As with all other sports, nervous players always have it tough fiddling through their gaming pads and console.

A gamer who has better control over his nerves can focus more on the competition and have the edge over everyone else. These players can express themselves more confidently.


The Bottom Line

Although studies are still in its infancy stages, research shows that marijuana may have a secondary, collateral effect on the brain by improving focus. By temporarily reducing the player’s physical and mental pain, marijuana has proved to be an excellent natural supplement for improving its user’s focus. Therefore, taken in the right dosage, professional gamers can benefit a great deal from using marijuana to improve their concentration levels.


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