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The Right Time To Harvest Cannabis

There is a significant benefit in growing cannabis at home now that it is legalized. You can grow it, harvest, and use it all on your own with no intermediary. However, while […]

How Marijuana Can Help Gamers To Improve Their Focus & Concentration

The gaming world is slowly gaining traction and global recognition as sporting events become more popular. And with it, the pressures that professional gamers must deal with every day in terms of […]

Go Inside The Colorado Weed Industry In The Documentary: Guns, Drugs, and Money

The New York Times recently profiled people running marijuana shops in Colorado.  Even though marijuana is legal in the state, it’s still illegal in the United States.  And the federal government can […]

Music Thursdays: The Because I Got High Guy Is Back

Remember the classic and funny song “Because I Got High?”  The song, sung by Afroman, tells the story of things going horribly wrong after he smoked marijuana.  The fate of Afroman gets […]

Why Justin Bieber Should Be Deported From America

UPDATE: To celebrate the arrest of Justin Bieber, the ice cream company from Vermont called Ben & Jerry’s have announced a new ice cream flavor!  The new flavor will be called Baby […]

Three New And Interesting Laws for 2014

Every time we usher in a new year, many states and communities also usher in new laws.  And this year, there are many new laws!  Some will help people like the states […]

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