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Video Game Videos: Anchorman, Console Wars, Grand Theft Auto


On this post, I am going to share three different video game related videos that you need to watch!  This first one is for all the Ron Burgundy and Anchorman fans out there!  This video from the YouTube channel CineFix shows the movie Anchorman, 8-bit style!  Yes, I thought this 8-bit video game style was very accurate!

This next video from the YouTube channel AVbyte is called Console Wars The Musical.  This video was shot in New York City and is done West Side Story Musical style!  As you know, there is a debate on which new gaming console is better, the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One.  At the end, PC won this battle!

And this video approaching eight million views on YouTube is new game-play from Grand Theft Auto 5 coming out on September 17th.  I am very impressed with this game-play footage!  The video does contain some violence and bad language.

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