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Roadscapes Wednesday: Alabama State Route 275 Is Eliminated From Talladega

Another Alabama state highway in East Alabama is gone!  Alabama State Route 275 has been removed from the state route system.  ALDOT has rerouted AL-21 onto the former AL-275 Talladega bypass.  AL-77 has also been rerouted around the center of Talladega onto parts of the former AL-21 and AL-275.

The rest of the former AL-21 and AL-77 that went through the center of Talladega have been turned over to the City of Talladega.  Below, let’s view some photos!  First off, before ALDOT turned over the former AL-21 and AL-77 to the city, they repaved the streets.

The former AL-275 bypass is now the AL-21 bypass.  ALDOT needs to do a better job with signing AL-77.  And man, the pavement on the 4-lane bypass is some of the worst pavement you will ever drive on.   Here’s some pics.

And here are the scenes along the former AL-21, which is now AL-77.

Now, before this post ends.  Let’s talk about a couple of Talladega road issues.  First, at Battle Street and East Street.  Can they finally fix these broken pedestrian signals that are covered with black garbage bags?

And on Battle Street and Morgan Street / Asbury Street, the traffic lights need serious attention.  You can barely see the green lights and signals.  At least some of the pedestrian signals work.

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