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Roadscapes Wednesday: Alabama State Route 200 Is Eliminated In Piedmont

ALDOT made some big route changes in Piedmont, Alabama.  Formerly, when you came into Piedmont on AL-21, you approached this weird intersection with AL-200.  The highway separated into separate single lane carriageways and you either went into Piedmont on AL-21 or went left and stopped, then continued onto AL-200.

From Google Maps

Going the other way towards Jacksonville, anyone on AL-21 had to yield to AL-200 traffic and look to their right, it was a horrible design.

From Google Maps

Now, the entire intersection has been redone.  The single lane carriageways and median are gone.  And it’s now a simple 3-way intersection with turn lanes.

And the intersection redo was not the only thing done.  ALDOT rerouted AL-21 onto the former AL-200.  Alabama State Route 200 no loner exists.  And the former AL-21 into Piedmont was turned over to the city.  So now AL-21 ends at US 278, and this makes sense really.  Because most thru traffic takes the bypass and avoids the middle of Piedmont.

So long AL-200, enjoy your decommissioning!


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